Within our product portfolio, cloud services or cloud computing are offered on several levels. On one hand we offer the traditional Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), in the form of dedicated computing resources. We also provide Software as a Service (SaaS), in particular in the form of cloud-based mail services. The last area of focus pertaining to cloud services are the so-called Private Cloud services, where the customer’s infrastructure connects via a secure line with the cloud infrastructure, which from the customer's viewpoint represents one homogeneous computing space regardless of whether the server runs locally or in the cloud infrastructure. A common characteristic of cloud services is the dynamic invoicing for services and licences which the customer reserves and uses in a given month. When it comes to cloud services, we offer the following:

  • Cloud transition analysis,
  • License fee evaluation,
  • Database and data migration with SaaS,
  • Migration “to”, and in particular “from” the cloud,
  • Automatic upgrade and patching.

The transition from investments to payments for cloud-based operation alleviates the need for large one-time investments that are necessary to ensure the modernisation of your IT infrastructure. At the same time, cloud services allow for 24/7 availability within the desired service parameters, as well as a minimum of IT-related staff costs compared to having the infrastructure on-site.

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