Data loss is an ever-present danger that every computer user encounters sooner or later. In the business environment in particular, the loss of critical data can cause severe problems.

Here are the most common causes of data loss:

  • Accidental deletion by user,
  • Failure of a data storage medium (each physical medium has a limited service life),
  • Natural disaster (flooding, fire),
  • Loss or theft of a device containing important data,
  • Computer viruses that not only destroy data, but also computer HW.

When designing a backup solution we take into account the RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective) parameters. The values of these parameters are specified by the customer in their DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan), or we can help them determine the correct value. Depending on the RTO and RPO values we select a suitable backup technology and backup scenario. Regular backups are then automatically created by the backup software, which either writes the data to a disc (disc-to-disc backup) or a tape (disc-to-tape backup). Both of these technologies have their up- and downsides. The suitability of each different technology depends on our customers’ preferences.

When it comes to backup, our customers can rely on solutions offered by EMC (Avamar, DataDomain, Networker), IBM (Tivoli Storage Manager, tape systems), and Microsoft (Data Protection Manager).

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