In this modern day and age, access to communication technologies from virtually anywhere has become a necessity. Our clients can go about their business undisturbed while letting us worry about the infrastructure behind their success. Thanks to our well-coordinated team of professionals we are able to create robust and adequate communication infrastructures that meet even the most stringent requirements. Our networks are capable of concurrently transferring data, voice, and video – no matter when or where our clients need them.

Passive communication infrastructure components

Cable is the basis of each network’s infrastructure. The quality of metallic or optical structured cabling determines the quality and reliability of the entire network infrastructure. When installing structured cabling we use cables from renowned manufacturers such as R&M, KELine, AMP, BrandRex, Rosenberger, Symphony, and 3M.

When it comes to structured cabling, we provide the following services to our customers:

  • Project preparation (cabling system selection, structured cabling design)
  • Installation of structured cabling (metallic, optical, Wi-Fi)
  • Certified measurements of structured cabling and Wi-Fi coverage

Active communication infrastructure components

A computer network is a system of interconnected and communicating computers, which can transfer and share all kinds of different information. We will prepare the design and project and supply the LAN, MAN, or WLAN networks built using active components from the world's leading manufacturers like Cisco and HP.

When it comes to active components, we provide the following technologies:

  • Switching, routing, firewalling
  • VPN (Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint)
  • Load balancing

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