Information system management is a demanding process. It involves constant monitoring, patching, installing security patches, and dealing with non-standard IS conditions. This requires significant investments in staff training so they can keep up with the ever-increasing demands. Partial or full IT environment outsourcing can be a practical solution to these challenges. Specialised companies administer multiple systems and successfully distribute the costs among multiple customers.

With regard to outsourcing, we provide the following services:

  • Analysis of the current environment and identification of systems and technologies that can be outsourced,
  • Categorisation of activities according to the system SLA parameters,
  • Software audit,
  • Preparation of a SWOT analysis of the current and outsourced system,
  • Management of the preparatory and hand-over stage of outsourcing,
  • Implementation of ITIL processes, including a Service Desk,
  • Deployment of monitoring in the existing environment, including notifications and alerts.

Depending on the selected outsourcing model we can assume partial or full responsibility for the operation of the IT environment. One of the advantages that accompany along with outsourcing is the application of our know-how with an objective of improving the security and auditability of the managed systems.

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