From the viewpoint of physical infrastructure, storage design comes in to play as the last, but not the least important component. The current trend to use virtualisation and cloud services makes it necessary to use high-availability storage and the best possible network infrastructure connectivity.

Designing the so-called “unified storage” solution represents a way of obtaining a high-performing, scalable, and easily manageable solution. When it comes to storage implementation we generally use IBM, EMC, and HP 3PAR disk arrays. The current unified storage systems have the following typical features:

  • Advanced functionality, such as Thin Provisioning, Automatic Storage Tiering, Storage Pooling, Remote Replication, Live LUN Migration...,
  • Universal interfaces – FC 8Gb, iSCSI 1/10Gb, SAS,
  • Support of protocols for both block and file access (NFS, CIFS, HTTP, FTP...),
  • Controller integrated management,
  • Scalability in terms of volume and model ranges.

Customers requiring the best in data availability can take advantage of our disk array virtualisation. Specifically, the EMX VPLEX platform is capable of virtualising heterogeneous storage environments, both local and remote, by using the SAN infrastructure.

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