Enterprise architecture

Enterprise architecture allows customers to take a structured approach towards IT implementation in accordance with their business needs. Speaking from experience, many customers approach changes to their IT environment (e.g. the need to implement a new marketing tool) managed by their own IT department in an uncoordinated manner. Often these two constituents don't communicate with one another, unnecessarily increasing the IT environment costs.

The enterprise architecture provides a structured approach, allowing users to efficiently react to the dynamically changing business needs while, at the same time, investing in their IT environment in a cost-effective manner. Our certified Enterprise Architects offer consulting and services in the following areas:

  • Business analysis of the environment,
  • ADM implementation in accordance with the TOGAF methodology,
  • Modelling of individual layers in Archimate 2.0,
  • Specification of the AsIs and ToBe statuses,
  • EA lifecycle management.

An integral part of the EA is the architecture plan and building of an architecture continuum repository, as well as the specification of the cost of the individual changes encountered during implementation.

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